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The beautiful, natural place where our camp is located is called Tverstøyl. It is named after the famous bear hunter Olav Tverstølyl and was originally a farm. At the beginning of the 80s a small hut village was built around it. Since 2002 there is also a wilderness camp on the extensive grounds, where the groups live in the middle of nature and get an insight into the Norwegian “Friluftsliv”.

If you follow the course of the river from our tipi, you can discover a beaver dam after about 45 minutes and with a bit of luck you can watch the hosts. Moose and deer also live on our land, which can be seen with great luck in the twilight.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation is right here! Our heart beats, however, especially for experiences that make the holiday unforgettable. We like to take you into nature and have a rich offer of different activities. Canoeing, hiking, climbing, archery, wilderness tours … let us inspire you on the “Activities” page. It is always fun to be outside and experience the fascination of the simply fantastic landscape!

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