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Archery is the art of launching arrows with great skill, from a bow, which has its roots in hunting, and warfare, but is nowadays practiced as both a sport and a hobby. In some countries bow hunting is still practiced. In the UK though, it is no longer legal to hunt with a bow.
Modern day archery is mainly sport based, with tournaments being held all year round, throughout the U.K.
During the Spring & Summer, tournaments are held outdoors at all sorts of distances ranging from 40 – 50 yards for new archers up to the expert level rounds, such as the “York”, round, consisting of 12 dozen arrows shot at 122cm targets, at distances of 60, 80 & 100yds.
During the winter months, tournaments are held indoors at shorter distances. The most common competition round is the Portsmouth round, which consists of 5 dozen arrows shot at a 60cm target, over a distance of 20 yards.
This summer, Archery will feature strongly in the London Olympics. The main style of bow being shot will be the recurve bow, whilst some of the Paralympics archery team will be shooting Compound bows.
There are other bow styles as well, which are shot by archers up and down the country, including the English longbow and the American Flat-bow, as well as many Asiatic, and horse bows which include Mongol bows, Turkish bows, Scythian bows, and many more. The origins of many modern bows can be seen in the design of many of these traditional bows.

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