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Welcome to Timber Hitch Archery, Axe Throwing and Leathercrafts !
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My name is Nicholas Hitchens and I am a demonstrator/ instructor of what I would describe as “instinctive” archery and Axe throwing and if either or both activities are of interest to you, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Whilst I have always been an Archer since I was a young lad, I started teaching people and doing it more seriously together with Axe throwing around the year 2000 up to the present day.

It is all about being relaxed and having fun but in a safe environment. I cater for participants of all ages and all degrees of strength and experience so that no matter what your capabilities may be or whether you have never done this type of activity before, you will succeed and go away having achieved something very satisfying and most of all, FUN !
The motto is “have a go and have a throw”!!
I have been teaching young and old to do what I would call “instinctive” archery, (i.e. most of my bows do not have formal sights on them) since 2000 on a modest scale with the emphasis on having fun whilst still achieving some success and learning a new skill. I don’t have a specific age restriction as I have different size bows to accommodate anything from younger children to elderly adults and anyone who may have some form of physical challenge.
I have also taught and demonstrated the therapeutic art of Axe throwing over the same period which involves Tomahawks and double headed axes, subject to the participants strength and build so is a little more selective as to who can safely take part as I am sure would be understood.
Previous participants include numerous scouting groups, primary schools, private parties, round table events as well as country fairs, village fetes and the like. I usually travel and bring all my own equipment to the relevant venue, be it a sports field, village green, parklands, school grounds etc
I also design, cut, hand make and hand stitch bespoke leather items such as bags, belts, pouches, bohemian festival belts as well as items to use for Archery and Axes such as quivers, arm bracers blade covers etc. All items are made to order and where relevant made to measure.
If there is something particular you would like to be designed and made for you, feel free to contact me to discuss your personal requirements.
I use various types of locally sourced treated cowhides for certain items. However, the majority of items are currently made from black Fallow or Roe deer skins. It is important for me to know the provenance of the Deer used. ie; where the Deer had been sourced from, their healthy living conditions, the ethical and respectful manner of their dispatch by Deer Management professionals that I know personally. Finally a respected Tannery to provide the best quality hides, both as pure leather as well as fully treated fur.

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