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Lavana House has an area of ​​about 150 square meters and consists of a stone house of ancient origins – is also cited by Dante Alighieri – consisting of three rooms with private bathrooms, equipped kitchens and spacious combined living room where you it can gather by the fireplace. With a reading room or listen to music with a sofa bed complete with TV. Near the house there is a barbecue where you can cook your meat, enjoy it under a pergola of kiwi.

  • 3 Bedroom Apartment
  • 3 bathrooms including 2 Room
  • 1 Equipped Kitchen
  • Stays 2 (ground floor and first floor)
  • 1 wide dining room / Dinner
  • Outdoor area with pergola
  • Space Relax Garden / above ground pool / table tennis table
  • Barbecue Area

Our way of shooting, striking for its views, through a forest of chestnut trees and fir trees; The first section follows the course of a stream that descends from the mountain slopes, being born in the natural protected area called “Forest of St. Anthony”, easily accessible by marked trails that pass right by Lavana. Along the way, branching into the woods to an extension of approximately 2 linear kilometers, it is permanently mounted about shooting 28 pitches, of three-dimensional shapes that represent reproductions of real animals, with shots of varying difficulty and from various distances.

Archers Hermitage

From the passion of some friends and in collaboration with the farm Lavana, did the shooting with the bow Company ” Archers Hermitage ” affiliated to FIARC – Italian Federation of Archery Field Archery, who organize friendly matches, courses for beginners and advanced courses.

The Association aims to promote and develop amateur activities, particularly in the discipline of Archery; organizing events via live or work together with other parties for their organization; promoting educational activities for the launch, update and refinement in sports activities; study, promote the development of new methodologies to improve the organization and the practice of sport; managing systems, own or third parties, used as gyms, fields and structures of various types; organizing sports teams for participating in championships, competitions, contests, events and sport iniziativedella; call initiation and improvement of sport and training and qualificazioneper sports operators; organize recreational and cultural activities in favor of a better use of free time of members.

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121 Località Lavana, 50066