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The 3-D course and the FITA course are open from the end of April to the end of October.
The course is closed from 29. 10. 2018. We look forward to seeing you again in 2019
Tickets for the 3-D course can be bought in the camping restaurant Sper la Punt in Sur En.
Day tickets 2018
Adults Fr. 15.-
Teenagers from 14 years Fr.
Children free (only when accompanied by an adult)
Groups from 5 persons CHF 12.- per person
Weekly rate 2018
Adults Fr. 50.-
Young people from 14 years Fr.
Children free (only when accompanied by an adult)
Shooting on our 3-D animals is only allowed with disc tips!
No blunts, medieval or broadheads
Parcour rules
1. The use of the course is at your own risk. Any liability is rejected. The insurance is a matter for each individual.
2. The course may only be used in the recorded direction. He is marked with red and white ribbons.
3. Children under the age of 16 are only allowed to use the system when accompanied by an adult.
4. Choose the firing distance to your abilities, you spare your precious arrow material. (Only disc tips are allowed)
5. The arrows should be moved with care. (Please spare our 3-D animals, thank you)
6. The conversion of animals and changes to the course is prohibited.
7. Willful damage to trees, plants and animals is prohibited and will be shown.
8. Please do not throw away any smokers, there is a risk of fire.
9. We ask everyone to keep the course clean and take the waste with them. The environment and subsequent shooters will be grateful.
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